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Pure Bedlam for Halfbreeds

Polkadot Cadaver

- You've stumbled upon the bugs nest -

Hey remember when I said I'd try to consistanlty update this. Well that was a lie

They/he/it 16 AKST INFP

Hi! This is a work in progress and will forever be under construction. I wanted a silly little place to put things, so why not make my own? Except I greatly underestimated how much trouble I'd have... This is not only for personal use, but also to get somewhat better at coding/html

I do a lot of art, both traditional and digital! I also like to make clay face plushes

Planning on starting a webcomic someday!

I love love love clown, bug, pastel, and eyebleeding-color themes and things

I love making silly little guys that do nothing but exist My favorite little blorbos are Danny, Valeko, Arlo, Jupiter, Vixx, and Ayumi!! As well as Bingle Snatcher but we don't talk about him. I'm currenlty making pages for them!! Check back later or just look at my toyhouse/artfight


  • TMNT shrine
  • Sonic shrine
  • AIB shrine
  • Music shrine
  • Bugs/insect shrine
  • Art page
  • Oc page
  • Work on actual oc profiles/info (4 complete)
  • Song of the week
  • make a button for the site!!

A few cool neocities!!

My very quickly made button:)

Where I get my deco!!

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and a bunch of other neocities!